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Paschal Greetings 2018!


Visit of the Hawaiian Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother-of-God at St. Vladimir Church 

Dear brothers and sisters, parishioners of St. Vladimir Orthodox Church!

We are pleased to announce that by the Grace of God the Holy Hawaii Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother of God accompanied by its guardian, Sub-deacon Nectarios, will visit our St. Vladimir Church on March 16th 2018.

This very rare event, a great honor and consolation to us, especially during the Great Lent time  - the Virgin has chosen our temple for visit in the wonder-working Way. 

 We invite all of you to lift up our prayers to the Most Holy Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, asking for Her help to heal our souls and bodies.

 Most Holy Theotokos save us!

With Love in Christ
Fr. Lubomir, Rector, Church Committee, Brotherhood and Sisterhood 




Dearly beloved in Christ  brothers and sisters,

Christ is amongst us!

Thank God the weather conditions have changed for the better and all of us can return to ours duties.

I would like to bring to your attention that on an initiative and by blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Peter, we ask all of you who has straggeled in difficult circumstances from Tropical Storm Harvey to send us your names, phones and addresses and also to describe the nature of damages. If possible,  please add photos also. There is an opportunity to receive the help for our parishioners who have been affected by flooding. Do not hesitate and send the above-stated information to the e-mail address sisterhood.secretary@gmail.com, as soon as possible.
May Lord our God through the intersessions of the Holy Theotokos,  keep  you all safe!
Always praying for your wellbeing,

With love in Christ, 
Fr. Lubomir.











Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!



Dear parishioners and friends of St. Vladimir - the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles, Russian Orthodox Church in Houston!

By the grace of the Lord our parish has initiated a pleasing to God charitable cause - painting and renovating of our Church Altar. Fresco painting of orthodox churches is an ancient tradition, well-kept-up over the centuries. The external magnificence of the walls and the inner inspirational beauty of the church vaults vastly decorated with murals, has been designed not only to delight the senses of the faithful, but, more importantly, to fine-tune them to the sublime prayer. The symbolic significance of the sacred wall paintings is to clearly express the dogmatic teaching of the Church as spiritual images



Monumental sanctuary painting is a complex, laborious and expensive work, requiring, in addition to the iconographic talent; special technical devices as well, and furthermore distinctive paints that can maintain durability, brightness and resistance to various environmental conditions. Over the years a great deal of study has been done to develop modern dyes, paints and varnishes, ideal to conserve and maintain church murals, even in such difficult weather conditions as the high-temperature heat and humidity, i.e., in a climate typical of the city of Houston. These unique paints are very expensive, but to acquire them is absolutely necessary.




Fr. Lubomir, the rector of our Church, is an excellent and experienced artist-iconographer. He has already made detailed sketches for the Altar paintings. In addition, Fr. Lubomir has expert knowledge of the wall painting – the technical and artistic means by which it should be carried out. At the moment Batushka acquires all the necessary materials: paints and equipment for the murals.

Dear parishioners and friends of our church!

Thanks to your ultimate selfless help in raising funds for the Altar painting, the hard work has already begun! But the started work should not stop: to continue paintings, the Church needs your further charity contributions. Your support is greatly appreciated! 




In the name of the Lord Jesus, the worshipers’ families could also sponsor upon request individual fragments of wall paintings - complete iconography images as one. This is possible to be done either as donation once (at the same time), or separately in parts - as the work progresses. The names of the members of these families will be carefully documented in a record book and, upon completion of the work, listed in a place of honor at Church (benefactors’ honorary board). Additionally your names will be forever remembered as benefactors of the Church in the worshippers’ prayers.

The donations (checks, money orders or cash) can be placed in the donation boxes in Church, or checks/money orders sent by mail to the Church address - 24 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX, 77022 (with a note – “For Altar Beautification”). Donations can also be made through the Church secure web page (therein the sketches of Altar paintings are published) http://www.saintprincevladimir.org/donations or by wire transfer to the Church account: St Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church; Bank of America; Routing No: 540750108; Account No: 005742299679.

All donations are tax deductible.

St. Vladimir Church Board of members will keep you informed on the progress of the mural work, funds collected and expenditure of your offerings.

Thank you in advance for your heartfelt response to this appeal!

Your generosity allows our congregation to flourish and thrive! It gives the gifts of a caring community, spiritual home, and the opportunity to transform inwardly ourselves as well as the world around us.

God bless you for your participation and support!

St. Vladimir Church Committee in Houston.




Dear visitors!

Welcome to the website of the community of Saint Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas. Our Church has served the Orthodox community and has been a place for faith and fellowship for over 60 years. Our Church is dedicated to St. Vladimir the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles, the Enlightener of Russia.

As our guest, you are very welcome to browse the site to learn more about our Church and Parish life. There you will obtain information about the Church Sunday School, Library, Kiosk and come across the Photo Gallery of the Events happened in our church life.

May God bless you!







Tropical Storm Harvey - opportunity to receive help

Dearly beloved in Christ brothers and sisters, Christ is amongst us! There is an opportunity to receive the help for our parishioners who have been affected by flooding. Do not hesitate and send the above-stated information to the e-mail address sisterhood.secretary@gmail.com, as soon as possible.


It is the Day of Resurrection let us be radiant O yea people, Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha; for from death to life, and from earth to heaven Christ God hath brought us as we sing the song of victory. With the God’s Grace, we are again able to celebrate the most important Christian Holiday of all the Holidays and the most Glorious Celebration of all the Bright Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Holy Pascha! From the bottom of our hearts Rector Fr. Lubomir, Church Council, Church Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Church Choir and all parishioners of St. Vladimir Church in Houston greet all the people with the extraordinary and outmost glorious greetings: « CHRIST IS RISEN » We do invite you all in this Holy Night to be « Merry in God's fashion » because « Christ is Risen and it is an everlasting joy »!

Painting of the Church Altar

Dear parishioners and friends of St. Vladimir - the Great Prince and Equal-to- the-Apostles, Russian Orthodox Church in Houston! By the grace of the Lord our parish has initiated a pleasing to God charitable cause - painting and renovating of our Church Altar. Fresco painting of orthodox churches is an ancient tradition, well-kept-up over the centuries.

Тропарь, Глас 4

Уподобился еси купцу ищущему добраго бисера,/
Славнодержавный Владимире,/
На высоте стола седя матере градов,/
Богоспасаемого Киева,/
Испытуя же и посылая к Царскому Граду,/
Увидети православную веру,/
Обрел еси безценный бисер Христа,/
Избравшего тя яко втораго Павла,/
И оттрясшаго слепоту во святей купели,/
Душевную вкупе и телесную./
Темже празднуем твое успение,/ людие твои суще:/
Моли спастися душам нашим.

Послушайте, как исполняют Тропарь святому Владимиру наши певчие. Глас 4-й.

Кондак, Глас 8

Подобствовав великому апостолу Павлу, в сединах,/
всеславне Владимире,/
Вся яко младенческая мудрования, яже от идолов тщания оставль,/
Яко муж совершенный, украсился еси божественнаго крещения багряницею./
И ныне Спасу Христу в веселии предстоя,/
Моли спастися стране Твоей Российстей/
И подати православным людем мир и велию милость