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 «Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”» - Matthew 19:14



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Welcome to the Sunday School of Saint Vladimir the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles Russian Orthodox Church. Our patrons are Sts. Equal-to-the-Apostles brothers Cyril & Methodius, who were the first teachers and the Apostles of the Slavs.  


Sunday school of Church is one of our top priorities. We are happy to announce that in the upcoming Church year we are having improved educational programs and lots of enthusiasm.


Our main concern is to support and assist the pupils in their religious education and development in a climate of love, care and creativity, where Christian nurture and Orthodox faith are the modes of life.


The fundamentals of our classes are the studies of the Law of God. The classes start after the Divine Liturgy. The classes are separated for the children of different age groups.





Sunday School of St. Vladimir Church needs qualified, professional and highly-motivated teachers of the Law of God and  “The Basics of the Orthodoxy” for children of different age groups.

For questions and interview appointment please contact the Rector of the Church, Fr. Lubomir, at 281-580-4374.




In order to enroll the children into the Sunday School the parents should fill out a form attached below. Please print this form, fill it out and return it to the teachers.


Sunday School Enrollment Form


  • Sunday school classes are at no charge.
  • Russian language is the main language in Sunday School.
  • The parents should be the Church parishioners and take an active part in Church life.
  • Please note that Catechesis class at Sunday School starts at around 12:30 pm every Sunday after Divine Liturgy. Please remind you children not run late for this class.
  • Children get the snacks and the drinks after the Catechesis class.



The ordained reader Vladimir holds the classes of “The Basics of the Orthodoxy” for the elder students. At these classes the teacher and the students deliberate over theologic matters regarding the meaning of the Gospel readings during the Liturgy. Live conversation between the students and the teachers helps a lot in understanding of the Holy Bible.


The classes of “The Basics of the Orthodoxy” for the younger children are conducted in a playful mode with sound and visual effects using the flannelgraph for telling Bible and Gospel stories. We also have Power Point presentation for the subject of each class. The classes in a conversational mode introduce children to Christian ethics and life. Nowadays, we have classes on the subjects of New Testament, Orthodox Holidays and   Hagiography (Lives of Saints). During the classes our pupils are painting the figures of  stories' characters, modeling, taking subject tests, watching Orthodox cartoons and movies and participating in many other activities, which helps them to have a thorough grasp of a subject.


The classes start and end with a prayer. We explain children how to behave inside and outside of the Church.

There are several rules we need to follow while we are in Sunday School, where we learn the Law which God commanded us to learn.


Therefore you (the pupils) should:


  • Always be obedient and diligent, maintain discipline, order and cleanliness during the class.
  • Start a class with a common prayer “O Heavenly King”  and end a class with a common prayer “It is truly meet”, or other prayers.
  • Not leave the class without a teacher's permission.
  • Always listen carefully and perform the tasks requested by the teacher.
  • Raise a hand and let the teacher know if you need anything or want to ask about something.
  • Kindly wait if the teacher is busy or talking to another pupil. The teacher will always give attention to you as soon as possible.
  • Not speak aloud, scream or make any noise during the class.
  • Have respect, care and love towards all the brothers, sisters and teachers in the School.
  • Never lie to the teachers and mates.


Once again we are welcoming you in our school and wishing you good health, school achievements and all the best!

God bless you all!


Sunday School teachers




We will be happy to know your feedback regarding the Sunday School work and functions. It will help us better understand your needs. Please spend few minutes and send your suggestions on how we can improve to the School Director Sofia Tabarovskaya at


With all the questions and concerns please contact Sister Ekaterina at or 832-834-7461.