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Tropical Storm Harvey - opportunity to receive help

Dearly beloved in Christ  brothers and sisters,

Christ is amongst us!

Thank God the weather conditions have changed for the better and all of us can return to ours duties.

I would like to bring to your attention that on an initiative and by blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Peter, we ask all of you who has straggeled in difficult circumstances from Tropical Storm Harvey to send us your names, phones and addresses and also to describe the nature of damages. If possible,  please add photos also. There is an opportunity to receive the help for our parishioners who have been affected by flooding. Do not hesitate and send the above-stated information to the e-mail address sisterhood.secretary@gmail.com, as soon as possible.
May Lord our God through the intersessions of the Holy Theotokos,  keep  you all safe!
Always praying for your wellbeing,

With love in Christ, 
Fr. Lubomir.